Fitness team ZAPELE is organising the first ever #stepschallenge, in affiliation with the non-profit association Fylakas Angelos (Guardian Angel). The #stepschallenge will take place from Monday 11 January to Sunday 17 January 2021.

The fitness challenge is being held to support a worthy cause in this particularly difficult period for all of us. It is an opportunity to adapt our exercise routine to the lockdown conditions, and, taking all the necessary protective measures, to offer help to those who really need it.

You can participate in #stepschallenge from wherever you are.

Goal: take the most steps in one week. Every step counts.

You can sign up from Monday 21 December to Sunday 10 January 2021.

All revenue from the competition will be donated to the association “Fylakas Angelos” to cover its expenses.

There will be gifts for the first three winners, as well as for other participants, to be selected by chance.

Competition steps:

  1. To ensure your registration is valid, you must donate 5€ to Fylakas Angelos, by depositing the amount in the association’s bank account given below, and then send the bank receipt to, giving the full name and email of the #stepschallenge participant.
  2. You need to record your steps using your mobile or watch (all mobiles now have a weekly step count) throughout the week the competition is “running”: from Monday 11.01.21 00:01 to Sunday17.01.21 23:59.
  3. Finally, you should send a screenshot showing the total number of steps for the given week (the right dates should be displayed, otherwise the tally will not be considered valid) to This email has to be sent by Monday 18.01.21 12:00.
  4. The winners of the #stepschallenge and the winners of the lucky draw will be announced by Tuesday 19.01.21.

About the Association Fylakas Angelos (Guardian Angel)

The purpose of the association is to provide social and humanitarian support to vulnerable groups and especially to abused and neglected children. Through its work, the Fylakas Angelos association also aims at creating appropriate reception areas for abused children in large urban centres and in local courthouses. These spaces will be designed specially, to allow children to be accommodated for up to 3-4 days until appropriate assessments can be made by experts. Specialists, scientists and institutions will work together so that a better and more accurate evaluation of the problem can be carried out within an appropriate space.

There will be gifts for the first three winners, as well as for other participants, to be selected by chance.

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