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Personalised Programme

Alternating Exercises

Various Separate Training Spaces


Injury Avoidance

Passive Stretching

Guaranteed Progress

Sustained Inspiration

“Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity“.
John F. Kennedy

Nutritional Plan

The structured nutritional plan helps to achieve and maintain your ideal body weight. In parallel, it supplies the body with the necessary vitamins, minerals and trace elements which are necessary for its proper function. In this way, it contributes to staying healthy overall!

I will help you set and meet your fitness goals.

Encouragement and confidence building

A relationship of trust

Maintaining focus

Having a good time


“To introduce you to a healthy way of life which is achievable.”

Personal Training

Individualised Training

Group Training

Small Group Training


Kick-starting your metabolism

For you…

On-going guidance and inspiration!

Personalised programmes based on your own goals, always taking into consideration your level of fitness and your particular condition, based on your medical history, so as to secure the best possible results. With my guidance, each exercise will be done correctly, thereby securing the best possible results while also minimising any risk of injury. Together, we will find incentives for you to persevere and stay enthusiastically focused on your goal! We will follow your progress and keep track of the improvements in your performance!



High-intensity strength training with weights.


Cardiovascular conditioning.


Building flexibility in the joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments.


Simulation of day to day activities


Personal / Group Trainer

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Every goal needs a plan!

Regular exercise is a basic precondition for a healthy way of life.
Your journey to well-being can become more enjoyable and easier when you have an experienced trainer by your side.
Make the most of your potential and your valuable time!